PhotoBorn in 1990 in Jiangmen, China. Yulan’s classical music training began in early childhood and she has been active as an instrumentalist (piano, keyboard, voice, guzheng), performing sheet music as well as improvising (see bands here).

She studied contemporary classical composition (listen samples here) with Klaus Lang at Kunstuniversität Graz, Austria.

Currently lives in Graz and is developing her composition works, band and solo projects, as well as intermedia works (watch samples here).

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As a composer, Yulan takes great delight in writing for acoustic instruments especially ensembles, exploring the tasteful texture and sonic richness when combining different instruments together. In the past years she has had the honor to work with remarkable ensembles of new music such as Schola Heidelberg, Szene Instrumental, Shanghai Sinfonietta, Zeitfluss, ect, and her works were performed in various music festivals in Graz (Musikprotokoll, Schauschall Fest, Interpenetration Festival, etc), as well as concerts in Cork, Berlin, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje, Shanghai, etc. She also enjoys collaborating with fellow artists such as film makers, dancers, choreographers, sound artists and writers, past cooperations were presented in art festivals of diverse disciplines such as The Essence 13 (Vienna), Luftlinie #15 (Linz), Hörraum: Atmosphären (Berlin), etc.
Received the award Musikförderungspreis 2016 from City of Graz. Participant of Tzlil Meudcan 2017 in Tel Aviv. One of the three finalists of Ö1 Talentebörse-Kompositionspreis 2018.
Since 2017 she has been assigned as the chair of NOW Oper der Gegenwart, a non-profit association in Graz that dedicated to presenting new music theater productions and bringing local composers/musicians into contact with international artists.


I started playing piano and singing in the children choir at the age of 4. My composition study does not decrease my practice as a performer, instead it gives me a deeper understanding of playing; vice versa, as a composer I gain a sense of touching from performing and improvising with other musicians.
Some musical influences:
K. Lang / A. Lucier / M. Feldman / J. S. Bach / E. Radigue / Sun Ra / The Caretaker …
I see music as a means to connect with the world, the vehicle of a journey, destination unknown.
List of things that inspire me:
dictionaries / maps / M. C. Escher / astrology / cooking videos / David Lynch / 易經 / dreams …