sorted by instrumentation



acoustic guitar, double bass, accordion with electronic (fixed media) [10 min, 2018]


video and electronic [5 min, 2017]

trial #1

ice cubes, contact microphones and metal plates [installation, 2016]

Helikopter’s Dream (/w A. Kropfelder)

electronic, lights, water and ink, words and 2 friends [25 min, 2014]


electronic [6 min, 2013]

bleibt (/w D. Schmidt-Philipp)

electronic [5 min, 2013]


•••large ensemble•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••


large ensemble [8 min, 2017]

Hydrargyrum II

large ensemble [10 min, 2015]


large ensemble [16 min, 2015]

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (arr. B. Crewe & B. Gaudio)

large ensemble [6 min, 2015]

And You Deny It

wind orchestra [10 min, 2014]


•••small ensemble•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Dream (arr. J. Cage)

prepared piano, violin, clarinet, trumpet, zheng and percussions [7 min, 2016]

mein vegetarisches Spielzeug

grand piano, violin, bass clarinet, trumpet and percussions [4 min, 2016]

Favourite Joke

viola, cello, trombone, cymbals and gongs [15 min, 2016]

A Coward’s Philosophy II

zheng, erhu, pipa, sheng, clarinet, flute, piano, 2 violins, viola, cello and percussions [7 min. 2015]

a lia nolia

8 singers and a silent grand piano [7 min, 2013]


speaking voice, violin, viola, cello and double bass [6 min, 2013]

Piano Concerto II

5 trumpets, double bass and a silent grand piano [5 min, 2013]

A Coward’s Philosophy

10 musicians [5 min, 2013]

Piano Concerto I

14 flutes and a silent grand piano [5 min, 2012]

Floating Street Lights along the Highway on a Foggy Night

alto flute, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, guitar, accordiion and double bass [8 min, 2012]


alto flute, bass clarinet, 2 violins and 6 cellos [10 min, 2011]



Morgen sowie Gestern

viola, alto saxophone, accordion and double bass [8 min, 2019]


violin, soprano saxophone, accordion, vibraphone and cymbal [5 min, 2019]


saxophone quartette [6 min, 2017]

spoiled boys

prepared piano, cello, double bass and percussions [7 min, 2016]


alto saxophone, accordion, E-guitar and prepared piano [15 min, 2015]


alto saxophone, accordion, E-guitar and keyboards [15 min, 2014]


alto saxophone, accordion, E-guitar and piano [10 min, 2014]




violin, cello and piano [6 min, 2019]


cello, zheng and percussions [9 min, 2016]


alto saxophone, accordion and glockenspiel [7 min, 2013]

The Giant Living on a Piece of Leaf

accordion, bassoon and vibraphone [8 min, 2012]

Bus Travelers

accordion, bassoon and alto saxophone [free, 2012]

Where Ends Meet, Where Cold Wind Blows

accordion, violin and clarinet [9 min, 2011]




clarinet, flute and cassette tapes [10 min, 2019]


2 violins [6 min, 2018]

Underground Wind

2 accordions [10 min, 2012]


bass flute and double bass [5 min, 2012]




piano [free, 2011]


alto saxophone and tape [8 min, 2011]