I saw this video yesterday.
A 6 year old boy named Grayson.
I know he looks nothing like what we would normally call "Angels": fluffy cheeky cute little babies. 
But at the end of the video, I know he is. Actually halfway the video already, as Grayson's dad answers the interviewer's question:
- "What's the most important thing you've learned being Grayson's Dad?"
- "How to love more."

Before watching this video I probably have the idea that a disabled, deformed, abnormal child means rather burden, suffering, sorrow, resentment or even despair to a family, and would by no means be considered as a blessing. 
Clearly I'm wrong.
You can certainly tell that his parents see him as a gift. They feel blessed to have Grayson as he is.

To his family, Grayson has brought nothing but acceptance, strength, unconditional love, and the lesson of cherishing the present instead of worrying about the future.

Messenger of Love, messenger of GOD - that's what an Angel is, that's what Grayson is.

Through the eye of the Angels, with a heart full of love and acceptance - we will see the beauty, the grace, the joy, the wonder, the uniqueness, the blessing, the healing, the meaning... in everything, in every person, in every encounter, in every moment.   

I thank Grayson for his message and this lesson.

The video:

In memory of Grayson Kole (2013/02/15 - 2021/07/31)


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